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YOUPILOTTO is a smart lotto generator and also the first Social Lotto Generator worldwide. The application offers to all keen and casual lotto players excellent techniques and the ability to control their winning odds while playing. From the use and reuse of game strategies to the provision of individualized statistics through the interactive generation of lotto numbers, the application offers all what users need to easily improve their winning odds.

Behind the intuitive and easy to use interfaces are sophisticated techniques derived from a mixture of proven modeling processes and the fusion of gaming habits of thousands of players.

Services of the platform are offered to adults customers only (over 18 years of age) and some features can be used without registration. All users of the application are part of the Youpilotto community and generate equally valuable data for our algorithms. However, more sophisticated features are reserved to registered and premium users.

Among other things, users freely manage their gaming data through this portal. They improve their own winning odds, organize themselves in private clubs, make their contributions as part of the Youpilotto community, submit forecasts, analyze, discuss and visualize statistics derived from own strategies. For further explanations please refer to section Help or to the various question marks placed on almost every pages accordingly.

The Smart lotto App.
Lotto pools

General Information

What is Youpilotto?

Youpilotto is a collaborative lotto platform which offers an enjoyable gaming experience in lotteries and enables lotto players to control their chances by playing. The user can fill out his tickets on classic fashion by himself or can be assisted by the platform which uses advanced computing mechanisms to generate combinations interactively.

What is a Smart Lotto Generator?

The term Smart Lotto Generator highlights the ability of the app to enable interaction between the lottery players in the development of their game tactics and also the ability to fusion the gaming habits of thousands of player to produce improved lotto strategies. The improvement is not related to numbers as individual rather it takes the form of game configurations (see below) measurable and comparable by players.

Who can use Youpilotto?

The Smart Lotto App is restricted to user over 18 years of age. Some functionalities of the platform can be used without registration. However, by registering for the use of the Youpilotto services the user confirms his majority.

What is a game configuration?

A game configuration consists of a set of rules used for the automatic generation of lotto combinations. Youpilotto proposes up to 8 freely selectable options for the elaboration of your game tactic. Each option is associated to a set of rules which are defined interactively. All options along with their rules form a game configuration, or simply a configuration.

Is Youpilotto free?

Yes. Anyone can use many functionalities of Youpilotto without having to register to the website. However advances features are only available for premium users. A premium membership is chargeable.

What are the advantages of a premium member?

  • Use the wizard.
    Save your time and effort by letting the platform configure your game for you.
  • Generate any number of combinations.
    Generate as many possible combinations as you want.
  • Assessment of configurations.
    You can always quickly find out how well your configurations are by comparison with the past draws.
  • Access advanced statistics.
    Use more statistical facts about the past draws as the distance between numbers, the number of lotto numbers with the same units or the number of odd and even numbers in the combinations, and much more.
  • Reuse of the best forecasts.
    Access the details of the best gaming strategies saved by other users and evaluated according to the most recent draw. Reuse, if necessary, these strategies for your own games.
  • Creation and management of clubs.
    Create and manage small communities of players who regularly meet in the chatroom and initiate collaborative activities such as strategy building or contests.
  • Creation and management of Lotto pools.
    Create and manage communities of players who join your Lotto Pool with small contribution in order to validate large amounts of lottery tickets, and therefore to increase their overall winning chances.
  • Personal Game History and Winning chances.
    As all registered user you always have an overview of all your stored game tickets and / or game strategies. Additionally, as Premium member you can review your potential or actual Prizes for the tickets you saved regardless of whether you played with real money or not.
  • Enjoy Moderators and Captains advantages.
    Creating and managing lotto Pools and Clubs not only bring fun and responsibilities, but it also give the possibility to be rewarded in several contests organized by Youpilotto's sponsors.

How is my data protected?

Youpilotto uses an SSL connection, so that the user data is encrypted during transmission. You can recognize this secure connection by the fact that the displayed address starts with the security protocol "https://" and is marked green in most modern browsers.

Which lotteries can I play on Youpilotto?

What do I do with the generated combinations ?

You can:
  • Print your tickets and validate them in a lotto kiosk nearby.
  • Save your tickets and review, edit or validate them later.
  • Validate your tickets to an online lottery ticket retailer of your choice.

How can I get help?

Youpilotto assists its users through various ways
  • Through the help section of the website
  • Through inline help by hovering the mouse on the question mark icon Fragezeichen . These icons are displayed throughout the site.
  • Through the online community, where you can ask questions and read answers posted by other members can. Just click on Community / News - > Forum.
  • Through direct support, by contacting the Youpilotto Help Center. Simply click on Help -> contact.

What browsers are supported?

The Youpilotto platform is currently supported by all major web browsers such as IE9 +, Firefox 4 +, Chrome, Safari 5 + and Opera. Note: The proper functioning of the application on earlier versions is not guaranteed.
Check whether Javascript is enabled in your browser. Otherwise follow :
Internet Explorer:http://activatejavascript.org/en/instructions/ie
Account and profile settings

Why should I register?

A registered user enjoys several advantages that a non-registered does not have. The Following is a list of some features only available for members:
  • Save your tickets and game configurations and reuse them later.
  • Save the forecasts that help in the evaluation of your own game tactics.
  • Apply for membership in clubs and participation in lotto pools.
  • Participate in different contests with possibility of real reward.
  • Post your questions or propose an answer to other posts in the forum.
  • Receive direct assistance per email.
  • Manage your personal and gaming data.
  • Enjoy all premium features if you are premium member.

How do I edit my profile?

After successful registration, you can edit your personal information in your Youpi Space. Just click on Results / preferences -> My Youpi Space.

How do I become a Premium Member?

Very simple! Click on Results / preferences -> My Youpi area -> General Settings -> Become Premium. Alternatively, you can request a premium status through the dialog box that opens when you access a premium-functionality.

I forgot my password.

Click at the top right corner of the webpage on Log in -> Forgot your Password? and enter your email address.

How can I change my password?

Click on Results / preferences -> My Youpi Space - > My Personal Information - > Edit data. You must enter the old password in the text field, and provides the new password that must be repeated for confirmation purpose.

What about my privacy?

Youpilotto commits itself to exclusively use its customers' data for the purpose explained in the agreement between Youpilotto and its customers. It also commits itself to protect its users' privacy. Youpilotto Privacy Policy